Enrolled in a Public High School

Macky is currently enrolled in a public high school as a Grade 7 student since this is the first year of the implementation of the K to 12 Program in the Philippines. His father and the rest of us in the family have actually decided to enroll Macky in his old school even after considering how huge the enrolment fee is, but our big boy said that he want to transfer to a public high school where his neighbor friend is studying.

We didn’t like the idea at first although we understand that maybe he wanted a new and bigger environment. Even if I am not sold to the idea that he will be studying in a public school, I still inquired and was told that the enrolment will be after the Brigada Eskwela which is by the end of May. I talked to Macky about it but didn’t give him hope that he will be enrolled there because at first glance, I find the school’s location very intimidating since it was situated inside a crowded community. 

Please don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against public schools for I am a product of a public school from primary to high school but Macky’s case is different. We are giving prior consideration on his attitude and study habits because his former teachers told me that he needs proper guidance not only in his studies but more importantly on his attitude. We were thinking that it will not do him any good to be studying in a public school considering the enormous number of students in every classroom.

I searched and inquired in some other private schools but Macky was very consistent with his plea to be enrolled in a public school. He said that the school has a good training program for basketball players aside from the fact that we won’t be spending much on tuition fees. His father left the decision to us who are here since he said that we can easily assess Macky’s situation. 

The first week of June came and classes have already started in public schools but I was still undecided where to enroll Macky although I am considering two options – to enroll in a public school of his choice or return to his old school. Despite the apprehension, I finally decided to enroll my dear nephew in Daniel R. Aguinaldo National High School (DRANHS) last week. It was actually my brother-in-law who has opened my awareness about Macky’s current situation. He said that he can totally relate to him because he was once enrolled in a private and public high school.

He shared that when he was studying in a private school, he has this feeling that he doesn’t belong and he doesn’t “fit in” considering that most of his classmates are well-off. He has developed this since of insecurity which I have also observed in my nephew especially during school activities wherein we need to pay something. He is always concerned about the payment and how expensive it is to be in their school plus the fact that he considered himself “poor” compared to his friends. Understanding what my brother-in-law was talking, I decided to enroll Macky in DRANHS that very same day.

When I went to the school, I was amazed because I didn’t pay anything for the enrolment. I was entertained by Sir Ian in the guidance counselor’s office and after filling out the needed information, I was told that Macky is already enrolled. Amazing! I was then referred to his class adviser to submit the needed documents. After everything was settled, I called Macky to let him know that he is already enrolled in the school of his choice. He was very happy as he jumped out of his bed when I asked him to see me in the nearest mall for us to shop for this school needs.

Our Kuya Macky is officially enrolled in a public high school and I am so thankful that his father and my parents supported my decision. I have realized that if we wanted Macky to be independent at an early age and be ready for the world, being in a public high school would help him a lot in becoming one. He seems very sheltered and protected in the private school which sometimes has a disadvantage as he can’t explore and discover his true potential since everything was provided. I just hope that he will be true to his promise that he will be home on time and will do well in his studies plus be very watchful of his manners.

I am looking forward that with his new school, new environment and new experiences, our Kuya will learn something that will equip him for the future.


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