Earn Certification in the Apple Pro Apps ACT Program

The Apple Certified Trainer (ACT) program is a unique way to get involved with Apple’s products and services. Experienced professionals can become classroom training instructors and exam proctors in either IT or Pro Apps, depending on which they have earned certification and gained practical experience in. Earning the trainer version of the certification and attending a training session will turn you into a certified instructor and prepare you for work at any one of Apple’s authorized training centers located around the world.

A popular option, especially for those who have been working with professional applications for many years, is the Pro Apps ACT track. Completing this program will prepare individuals to teach the curriculum for any chosen Apple pro application, including iWork, Aperture 3, Motion 5, Final Cut Pro X, and Logic Pro 9. You will first need to master your chosen pro application by earning the associated certification(s), in order to increase your familiarity with the product and better prepare you to teach about it. It is also recommended that you enroll in the training course(s) associated with the software.

The trainer application process begins by submitting an ACT application online. Once it is approved, individuals will demonstrate their knowledge by taking part in a Train-the-Trainer (T3) session, which will give candidates the chance to improve presentation skills, acquire effective training techniques, and gain full expertise of the subject material. Each session includes role playing exercises, expert instruction from mentors, presentations and discussions, and peer/instructor feedback. At the end of the session will be a proctored trainer exam, which is included in the T3 tuition and must be passed successfully as the last step to becoming an ACT. Trainers are currently needed for all applications, so don’t hesitate to fill out an application and become a part of this unique program.


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