Summer Tips For Kids At Home

Are your kids staying at home for the summer? Once your children get to a certain age, you can't really enroll them into an expensive daycare. There comes a point in every parent's life where they must learn to trust their children to stay at home alone. That time usually comes when there is a summer break for the kids but you have to go to work everyday. Here are some tips for parents to keep their children at home entertained and safe.


Some children do best where there is a structure. Summer gives many children a bunch of free time that they are not used to. Keep them busy with at least one chore to do every day, or at least every other day. Tell them to vacuum the carpet or dust the family room. Have a weekly inspection of their room at the end of the week. If you come home to a clean house, you can reward them with a treat or a little extra something that will make them happy. You can make a list for your child to do throughout the week and have them check it off at the end. There are endless possibilities to keep your child busy and to help keep the home clean for when you come home.

Art Projects

Many children get bored because they have nothing interesting to do at home when they are alone. Kids can't go out and buy the things that will keep them happy and stimulated. Do something to keep them entertained. Provide them with whatever they need to stay out of trouble for the summer. Buy them pencils and a sketch pad. If you know that your teen is well behaved and clean, buy them paints. You will be surprised with that your children can do with a little encouragement and the right tools.


Staying home alone for the summer isn't without any danger. Strangers can come up to the home and knock on the door while you are gone. Teach your children not to answer the door for any stranger, and not to make any sign that they might be inside. It is also wise to tell your children not to go outside at all unless you are home to supervise them. It might seem a bit restrictive to now allow them in the backyard, but it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your kids.

If you have home security systems from companies like Smith Monitoring, your child can have access to a panic button. This way, if someone strange is at the door and isn't going away, your child can easily press the panic button on your home alarm. Of course, make sure your children know their address and how to call 9-1-1. Have a designated safe spot in the house for your child to go to in case of a burglar entering the home. A good place is a closet that has a lot of stuff in it for them to hide among.

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