What to Choose: Active or Passive Powered Monitors?

Studio monitors come in myriad of specifications. If your activities often involved studio recording or if you are in the business of managing a music studio, you would probably understand that there are number of considerations to take note in buying small powered monitors. Its mounting cabinet, acoustic treatment, driver type, EQ and Room Corrections are all equally important features. Choosing between an active and a passive powered monitor is also important for the best performance of your studio.

However, you need to know that not one of them is generally superior to the other but choosing the most appropriate one for your music studio will definitely improve the performance of your monitor system. Active monitors always offer you the convenience when it comes to choosing and installation of appropriate amplifier to drive your monitor. Active monitor has built in amplifier that matches with your speakers for a best sonic output. Nevertheless if your music studio is already built with an excellent power amplifier that warrants you the most accurate sonic performance, then passive monitor is perfect for you.

In the end, your choice should practically depend on what your music studio has in present.


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