A Vacation Well- Spent

Macky had a week’s break from school. Aside from his usual computer and basketball activities, he gets to spend a great time with his Uncles who are visiting from Manila. They would go to the beach all by themselves or sometimes just watch movies on DVD at home.

His uncles did not get to visit a lot of tourist spots in the city since their time and so their resources were limited although they had dinner in an eat-all-you-can buffet  restaurant and also visited the City’s People’s Park.

Macky was so excited to do things with his uncles especially when he came home from school. Now that they are back in Manila, they cherish every memory they had through the photos taken during his Uncles' vacation.

It may be just a short time, but the break from school was definitely as vacation well-spent for our Kuya Macky.


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