The Weird Pomelo Tree

Our neighbor who owns a Water Apple Tree (Tambis in Bisaya) and he gave us some of its harvest. I believe that he gave a lot that we can’t consume it even for several days. Macky and the rest of the people in the house had a bonding session eating a whole bunch of “tambis” but when they can eat all of them, Macky and Tita Dindin started putting it on the Pomelo Tree in my mom’s garden.

With Bella giving them an idea, together, they stick the tambis to pomelo tree’s thorns. 


 They were so amazed of how it looked like because it looks real but really really weird especially if you know that it was a Pomelo Tree. Lots of people from the neighborhood went inside our place to take a look at the weird Pomelo tree.

Originally published last 11/23/1013.


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