A Christmas Away from the Family

Christmas is one of the most anticipated celebrations in every Filipino family. As a family, we usually gather as one to celebrate this joyous season. One of the most unforgettable Christmases we had was during the year 2010. It was such a happy time with the family wherein every one of us made an effort to really come together as one. It was also our first Christmas celebration with Yoshi, our newest nephew that time.

That was our Christmas celebration four years ago. This coming Christmas we wished to celebrate as happier at it was before but I have a little apprehension about it because our eldest brother will not be with us. Macky’s father is working overseas and with his contract, I believe it is impossible for him to go home. This Christmas is going to be his third Christmas away from the family but despite the distance, we will try to do everything to make each other feel special this coming Christmas season.

What about you, how do you plan to celebrate this Christmas season?


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