An Online Music Bonding

If there is one thing that Macky and his dad haven’t done yet, I would say it is about playing musical instruments together. We grow up in a family where music is not a common thing because our parents are both busy with the business. I guess that is one of the factors why we don’t know how to play any musical instruments. Lucky for my sister who has friends that greatly influenced her to discover her love for music at least now she knows how to play guitar and other string instruments.

Just recently, Macky has expressed his interest to learn how to play guitar and any other musical instruments. I assume he wants to do something productive on his spare time and not spend it on playing computer games. Learning any instruments is generally hard especially if you did not grow with it or even acquainted with any of those. So aside from recommending him to attend a guitar lesson this coming summer, he may start with the great doumbeks at musicians friend. It may seem different from a guitar but it is a good way to start and fuel up his interest for music while waiting for his guitar lessons this summer.

While Macky is learning musical instruments I wish that his dad is also working on something to ease his boredom. I am sure a guitar or drums tutorial will do and will definitely help a lot in relieving homesickness. Afterall, an online music bonding sounds like a great idea.


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