It’s a Man’s Thing

I guess I would never totally understand some things about men in general. Honestly, I am trying but there are just certain things that only they can comprehend and figure out. I have already accepted the fact that men and women are two different species and both are equally created by God to co-exist but I can’t help but wonder sometimes.

Just like for example men’s common love for cars, motorcycles and even for the basic household tools. Macky has just entered teenage years but he is so into this matter even when he was younger. I bet he got this fondness from his father. It’s a man’s thing I believe so it is like an instant connection between Macky and the stuffs. He may don’t have personal collection of the things he like right now but I am sure he has been searching the website for these and dreamed that he could have what he wants someday.

I know someday, somehow Macky will acquired what he truly desires and I pray that when that day comes, he is ready for it and will be able to take good care the belongings God has given him.


  1. hehehe! i think my son is still too young to manifest such inclination, but probably in a year or two he would have that 'man-thing' you are talking about..

  2. I agree, sis! A man's thing is a man's thing. And guess what, for our man over here, he is so unfortunate to be alone as he is surrounded with pretty girls! LOL. The good thing is, the daughters are growing to be just as inquisitive as they are that tools for the Daddy often uses is also interesting for them. Not me though! Lol.


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