Techie Bonding Moment

Kids these days have different ways of bonding. During our time, I remember playing in the streets with the kids in the neighborhood and bonding with my best buddies under the heat of the sun.

I am so amazed how technology affects the life of many people nowadays particularly the children. Kids would prefer to be left alone with their gadgets than play the usual games with kids their age. Bella and Macky is not exempted to that but we try to regulate their exposure to gadgets same goes with television. I also deemed it important for them to be aware of the current trend for them not be left out because whether we like it or not, we are already in the information age and the best way to face it is to accept and learn from it.

With that justification, let me share with you the candid shots I took on Bella and Macky’s techie bonding moment:

Bella playing on iPhone while Kuya Macky is listening to music from his phone.


  1. Times have truly changed. Kids now play more on the computer and other gadgets than play outside, under the sun like we used to do when we were kids. That's great that you make the effort to regulate the time your kids spend with their gadgets.

  2. I actually miss the days of playing with my neighbors in the streets. It's more genuine I think, plus it helped improve my social skills. It's great that you are regulating your kids' use of gadgets.

  3. oh yeah, i could agree with you on this, technology affects the mind of the youngs.

  4. Lol. I can so relate, Sis! The iPad is what my kiddos here are minding, too, when I let them. Now that it is winter and the outdoor is not so friendly to us, indoor fun always includes the use of those gadgets. However, I always remind my kids, especially the older sister that there is more to life than just the screen. I limit them to it because I don't want them to get their fun from just the screen. So far, now, whenever I tell them that "Enough screen time!", mopatuo pa. I hope mopadayon ang patuo. Lol. It all boils down to what I do with the techie myself kay ako man ilang tan-awon. That means I limit my screen time myself because I have to live up to what I say. Ang resulta kay wakwak daku ang inahan because I have to be on the screen when they are asleep! Hahaha.

    Thanks for linking up, sis! I enjoyed being here! I hope you can join in today's snap! Linky is already up! :)

  5. My kids both have gadgets but I limit their time to user it (controlling eh) but I still instill that playing other things is better than those gadgets.

  6. hahhah, I can relate this with my daughter. She is playing on her iPad while i'm busy in my lappy doing my blog hopping.

  7. I agree with you regulating Bella's use of gadgets. Children nowadays can spend endless hours with their gadgets if they're not controlled and I think that's not healthy for their mind and physical well being.

  8. you're right, Rovs, you have to prepare them too for how they communicate now these days to the world they would be tomorrow which is laden with technology, yet balance it with all aspects as well, so that's great you are regulating their gadget time.

  9. Haayy... I longed for the good old "bahay-bahayan", "langit at lupa" and "tumbang preso" games. Good ol' times.


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