He Can Really Sing

Macky grew up surrounded by videoke machines because it was part of his parents’ business back in his mother’s hometown in General Santos City. At a tender age of 3, he can already finish singing few Filipino songs played in the videoke machine. I remember one his favorite songs were “Totoy Bibo” by Vhong Navarro. He would sing his heart out to any tune and would resort to humming the melody if he ran out of lyrics. He would do it holding to the microphone real tight as if someone would grab it from him anytime.

I know with a little determination and the right guidance, he would certainly develop his voice. I do believe that he can really sing and that he can do it well only if he wants too. I hope with much encouragement, he would eventually heed our advice – have a voice lesson or join a music class. I’m excited to see him holding an at4040 microphone as if he is a recording superstar. How I wish Macky can read this post and finally have a change of heart but whatever your decision is Kuya, we will always be here to support you. No pressure at all!


  1. yay, go Kuya Macky! I wish I can sing...bisan lupang hinirang yabag gihapon...lol!


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