Drum and Bugle Corps

I always wanted my nephew to enhance his skills and explore new things for him to discover his hidden talents. I believe he is a talented young man but he sometimes lacks the confidence to try anything new. When he was still in a private school, he used to be a Chess champion and he was also a varsity member of the basketball team. He loves listening to music of any genre and he can easily memorize the songs by heart. I know he can sing really well because I’ve heard him sing a lot of times.

We made a decision to enroll him to a public school during the opening of classes last year because he’s been prodding us consistently. He wanted to play basketball in the new school but he didn’t get the chance to join the tryout. I know he was frustrated about it but I hope he will be able to find new things or activities to do. Joining the school’s Drum and Bugle Corps would be a great idea. Aside from meeting new friends, he can also get the chance to discover more of his musicality by playing the best dw snare drums during practices and even during their parades and competitions.

I hope Macky would consider looking for other activities especially joining the Drum and Bugle Corps rather than playing DOTA.


  1. learning to play a musical instrument also boosts a child's confidence..


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