A Different Kind of Summer

Summer is here once again! I know Macky is so excited about summer because aside from the usual summer activities he does with his friends; his father is also planning a vacation for him in Cagayan de Oro. As much as I want to, I also wish Macky would enjoy his vacation doing his usual activities but I believe this summer is a little bit different from the past.

Macky needs to take a few summer classes this time. I have to admit that his public school stay was not as fruitful as expected so for him to be able to proceed to the next level this coming school year, it is a must for him to take summer lessons on several subjects.

For this summer, I have enrolled him in a private school and negotiated a few conditions with the school principal where I intend to enroll him this coming school year. And because of his performance in the public school, I am now decided to transfer him back into a private institution. The tuition fees may hurt his father’s pocket but I think that is the better option for Macky right now.

This may be a different kind of summer for Macky but I do hope he will appreciate it and hopefully do better with his lessons this time.


  1. Sorry to hear that Macky had a rough school year. Sean did too. We were concerned that he might have to repeat 8th grade but we had a meeting at the school and they said he will be able to graduate and go to high school next year. He is doing much better this quarter. I am sure Macky will do much better next year.


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