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Almost everyone in college uses the internet mostly to do research work and also to get online updates with the family and friends via social media. Internet-connected devices such as like laptop, tablet, smart phone and E-reader revolutionizes the way students study and socialize in their college experience.

With technology, everything can be accessible online. Students can have greater access to course materials than ever before. Online communication through email and social media chat is very and can be accessible anytime, anywhere for free. With this, research for online degrees can be done easily and students will be given a broader option with the information they have. Internet applications allow students to apply to schools in a quicker and more efficient manner thus students are applying to more schools as a result, competition is also higher.

The App-Aided College Student | Campbellsville U Infographic
Presented By Campbellsville University Graduate & Professional Studies

With the advanced technology, students can make use of the studying apps that would help them with their studies. Some of the apps are Evernote where they can keep their notes, video and audio recordings; StudyBlue Flashcards where you can make your own digital flashcards or borrow from someone; Easy Bib wherein citations are easily created in any style format; Dictionary Mobile where you can refer to if you need the meaning of any word. Apps are also revolutionizing the social aspect of every college experience. There's Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Yelp, Foursquare and Mint for everyone to socialize online.

These advances in technology are revolutionizing every college campus, and because of this, schools and universities will continue to be an environment that cultivates innovation.


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