How To Convert Videos Into MP4 Formats Using Movavi

Now converting a video to an MP4 becomes easier with the formats that the Movavi video converter supports. You can transform your video into just about anything by using this converter. All it takes to convert these files into new formats is just a few clicks. The converter is that easy. You do not require to have any prior knowledge of how to convert these files. It is so simple that all you need to do is open the software, select a video, then again select a format and just click on convert button. The rest? Well Movavi converter does it all for you.

Below is the detailed process of how to convert:

1. Download the Video Converter from the site and run the .exe file on setup. After that follow the instructions the Installation Wizard gives you.
2. Import the video of your choice after starting the program.
3. Now, open the MP4 video after clicking on the “ADD VIDEO” button and bring it to the timeline.
4. Now it is time to choose the format you want your video to be in. you will see that there is a convert list at the bottom of the window. Click on the option “more presets”. When you see the category for MP4s, choose one of them.
5. It is time to start converting your video. But before that, select the place where you want to put the converted files. Specify the place.
6. Now it is finally time to convert the video. Click on the convert button and the process of conversion starts in an instant.

As an added advantage, you can transfer the converted video into your phone or anything once the device is connected to your computer. Start the uploader that is present on your device and follow the instructions on the Wizard of the device. The time of uploading depends completely on the size of your video.

Now that is all you need to do to convert the video files into the MP4 format but just so you know, you can convert any video file into any other format be it MP4, MOV, DVD or anything else. The Movavi MP4 converter is also the fastest way by which you could convert file, edit files, make your own videos, change the resolution of videos, etc. It is a multitasking tool you have at hand.


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