Teen’s Curiosity

Oh, how time flies! Macky have grown so fast and a month from now he will be turning fifteen. He is already in Grade 8 and in no time he will be graduating from high school. We are all very excited for him. As a teenager, he is very curious about many things from the physical changes in his body to developing relationship with the opposite sex. In fact at his age, he has already counting girlfriends and two of whom he has introduced to us.

Whenever he sees something new or things that he did not understand, he would always ask questions. He is into new hobbies nowadays. His interests include sports, music, computers games and hanging out with friends. As an Aunt, I wish he would concentrate more on developing his skills in music. I am actually encouraging him to practice playing guitar and other musical instruments. I hope that one day when resources permit, I can buy him a nice guitar online. I have seen a website that has very wide selections of musical instruments and when I click the word send for our free catalog, I was amazed by the wonderful assortments they have in their store.


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