Music for God's Service

Music has been very instrumental in bringing our family to service. It has been my husband’s past time to play guitar especially if he wants to learn new songs. He is also playing guitar when serenading me and our daughter, Bella every now and then.

When he resigned from his job, we decided to join the Couples for Christ Community. Right after graduating from the Christian Life Program, we were immediately called to serve in the CLP thru the music ministry. We are very happy for the opportunity to serve God through the community. We may be not that talented but we consider it an honor to serve God thru our music.

To make sure that we sing the songs properly, my husband and I are practicing together at home. Bren is the one playing the guitar while I am the one singing. There were times when his guitar strings would break that is why he is has decided to look for guitar strings that are durable and sturdy enough to stand long a long jamming.

In the search for a good guitar strings, Bren found david signature online.  Not only that, he has also eyed a good guitar set for him and for the music ministry team. Please check out their online store for more musical instruments. 


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