Sending Warm Wishes For Dogs

When you think about a gift basket, you probably think about something that is given to a parent, child, friend or another family member. They can include a variety of items that the person would enjoy. However, there are other members of the family that might enjoy a basket on special occasions. You can get a few items to make dog gift baskets for your own pets as well as those of friends and family. These are an idea for holidays, birthdays or if someone has recently taken a dog into the home. You can coordinate the items in the basket to match the gender of the dog. Items should also be age appropriate, such as teething toys for a puppy. 

Start with a basket that is large enough to hold all of the items that will be given to the dog. You don't have to include a lot of items as most dogs really won't understand why they are getting a gift. Consider using a dog bed as a base for the basket. Add a few treats to the basket that the dog might enjoy, such as bones or bacon strips. Think about the size of the animal as there are some treats for puppies and some for older dogs that might have difficulties chewing food. 

If the basket is for someone who has a new puppy, then add a card in the front that announces the gender of the addition. Include a stuffed animal and blanket for the dog to cuddle with. There are also ropes, squeaky toys and rawhide items that can be used to complete the basket. If you know of a dog that enjoys eating or if there is someone who might have a little trouble with feeding a dog, then make a basket with a bowl as the base and a variety of foods. Include healthy items for the dog's age as well as one or two toys that can be chewed on to increase the strength of the teeth. Wet foods that come in small containers are a good idea for dogs that might have trouble eating.


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