Determining Fetal Health With Ultrasound Technology

Knowing the health of a developing fetus is important, especially if there is a history of genetic birth defects in your family tree. Ultrasound testing is a safe and proven way to know how a baby is developing through each trimester. It can provide peace of mind or help prepare in cases where there will be unexpected medical or developmental problems.

How Ultrasound Technology Works

Ultrasound technology is simply the use of sound waves sent out at a frequency that the ears cannot hear. These waves ping off the fetus and create an accurate picture on a monitor. The technology has been in use since 1986. Advancements and the creation of high resolution ultrasound provide the best images yet. this technology allows for the earlier detection and intervention of problems with birth defects and other fetal developmental problems.

Finding Genetic Deformities

Genetic abnormalities and deformities in a fetus are inherited from the genes of the mother or the father. It is best to seek out testing if there are any genetic problems that you know of in either side of the family. Down’s syndrome is a genetic abnormality where there are extra or missing chromosomes in the DNA. It is easy to spot due to the characteristic look of the eyes, nose and sometimes cleft pallet. Cerebral palsy is another genetically inherited problem that can be detected early when given an ultrasound.

Discovering Developmental Disabilities

Other disabilities and deformities can be naturally occurring or environmentally produced. Spina bifida, fetal alcohol syndrome, vision problems, and a variety of heart abnormalities are only a few. Early detection can offer ways to resolve the issues, or minimize the damage.

Pinpointing Specific Body and Organ Problems

Ultrasound technology can find areas of abnormal tissue and bone growth, fluid build-up, missing limbs, digits, holes in the heart, heart valve problems, under-developing organs and even cancerous tumors. There have been life-saving heart operations done on babies while in the womb, or taken out, operated on and placed back in the womb to await birth. There are some very technical and nearly miraculous things medicine can do for the unborn child. Diagnosis and treatment begins with something as simple as the ultrasound.

Healthy Pregnancy Progression Through Fetal Size

Much can be determined about the overall health and development of the fetus through size. It is remarkably easy for the technician to measure the size of the baby at each stage, which can then be compared to what is normal, below or above average. It gives a more accurate estimation of potential birth date.

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